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Epic Concrete Seattle offers various types of concrete cutting Seattle WA services. Find out about the different concrete cutting in Seattle strategies we use to figure out what you need before calling a concrete cutting company Seattle.

First, we have core drilling. A core drill is a hollow, cylindrical drill that is employed in making holes through a surface. It is made up of metal, so the drill tips are usually coated with carbide or even diamond. A core tool consists of a motor, drill bits, and a handle. The main difference between a core drill with various other concrete cutting in Seattle WA tools is that a core drill will extract a sample from the material. The device’s center is hollow, allowing it to slice away a sample from the drilled material. This specific sample, known as a core sample, conforms to the shape of the tool’s hollow walls.

Flat sawing is a strategy employed by concrete cutting Seattle contractors to cut horizontal surfaces. This specific innovative process depends on a 400Hz electric saw for cutting cement or maybe asphalt sheets as much as 24 inches thick. As a very high-powered and lightweight saw, it’s multiplied production rates by five times within the last few years. Moreover called slab saws, Flat saws might be used to cut floors, bridge decks, expansion joints, and pavement. They are also used to remove smashed pavement sections, prepare and wash cracks for repair, together with concrete removal, and breaking for demolition purposes. You can also check out our About Epic Concrete Seattle page to know more about our company. Contact us today!

Other Types of Seattle Concrete Cutting

On the other hand, Wall sawing is used for accurate concrete cutting Seattle WA on vertical or horizontal surfaces. This concrete wall cutting technique can be used for a new driver doorway, HVAC opening, or maybe when a window is required. Wall saws likewise should lower entryways for staircases and elevators, crossovers for cabling, as well as mechanical services.

These Seattle concrete cutting saws are employed in each concrete structure and masonry. They leave surfaces with a sleek surface, making the opening ready for a door or window installation. A wall saw can penetrate surfaces as thick as 37 inches. Nevertheless, it requires expertise to chop sleek and level openings, and that is why you have to use concrete removal services to handle the task.

Wall saws are distinct because they can be used on a steep incline surface area where flat saws cannot easily be used. They might furthermore be used for specialized applications, like finishing roughed in walls. Wall sawing devices are really lightweight and extremely simple to create for concrete cutting Seattle experts, making them excellent concrete removal equipment.

Lastly, curb cutting is a type of manufacturing cutting utilized to produce a break in a curb that allows access to and from the sidewalk. These cuts are done so individuals can go on and off the sidewalk without any trouble, and that helps make it available for each one of those with wheelchairs, strollers, dollies, or perhaps skateboards. They are also utilized to supply a means for automobiles to reach driveways and parking lots. Curb cuts, moreover called curb ramps, are mandated by law in the U.S.


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